Texas Longhorns in the Empire State

Providing top-of-line Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle for Breeding and Beef for more than 30 years.
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“The Texas Longhorn has made more history than any other breed of cattle”. – Dobie, Frank. (1941). the Longhorns. Grosset & Dunlap

A family farm built on passion, Texas Longhorns with Pedigree, and land with heritage.

Located near Jamesville, New York, the farm is dedicated to producing top-of-line Texas Longhorn cattle for breeding and beef.

Tuff Hillary SRC

Longhorn Cattle

Devoted to a basic concept: use traditional cattle management practices while focusing on producing superior genetics and confirmation.

Longhorn Beef

Texas Longhorn is known for producing lean beef of exceptional tenderness and exquisite flavor. We allow our cattle to grow naturally in order to maximize the superior meat qualities intrinsic to the Texas Longhorn breed.

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Texas Longhorns

Time-tested pedigrees.
Superior Genetics.


The farm consistently produces and develops some of the most highly recognized Texas Longhorns by matching proven maternal genetics with the industry’s leading sires excelling in horn, color, consistency, and confirmation.

Albanese Longhorns is a family-owned and operated operation.

Some of us have other significant time commitments, but we all enjoy the cattle and the time spent together bonding at the farm.

Texas Longhorn Beef

Superior flavor.
Exceptional quality.

Our cattle at Albanese Longhorns are pasture-raised in the fresh air and sunshine of Central New york. They are grass-fed from nutrient-rich local hay we grow ourselves, which produces an unparalleled flavor in the beef.

On our family-owned and operated farm, we share the value of traditional farming methods that prioritize the health and wellness of our animals. We believe the best beef comes from animals that are well cared for, and we work hard to provide the highest quality meat directly from our pastures to your plate.

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Sunhaven 50/50 Hookster

Sunhaven 50/50 Hookster

Radicle Wave

Radicle Wave


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Meet the family

The Albanese family is passionate about Texas Longhorn heritage, the breed, and American Frontier traditions.

Mike & Ellen Albanese

Mike & Ellen AlbaneseProviding top-of-the-line registered Texas Longhorn cattle for breeding and beef since 1990.as featured in Country Folks Newspaper, "Hooked on Horns," by Katie Navarra When Mike Albanese was just five years old, his grandfather reminisced...

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