Beautiful Color

Texas Longhorns have many great traits, and color is one of the most noticeable and enjoyable. We breed our cattle to be colorful and beautiful.

Correct Conformation

Conformation is the desirable skeletal and muscular structures of an animal. It covers all of the important areas of an animal’s structure, from the legs, the spine (or top-line) and the hind quarters to the neck and head.

Breeding for Horn Size

Through superior genetics and strategic breeding, our cattle showcase large Tip to Tip measurements while maintaining unique horn shapes that are characteristic to the breed.

Onondaga County Agriculture Council Meet at Albanese Longhorns Farm to Promote Local Farms and Businesses

The Onondaga County Agriculture Council met for their seventh year of their “Buy Local. Buy Onondaga Grown” campaign inside at Albanese Longhorns to support local farms and businesses.

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Onondaga County Agriculture Council meet to promote local farms and businesses


Pompey, N.Y. — Members of the Onondaga County Agriculture Council met on Thursday for their annual “Buy Local. Buy Onondaga Grown” campaign — a campaign designed to get the community to support their local farms and businesses.

“Being new to this Onondaga Grown thing is more than I thought,” Mike Albanese, owner of Albanese Longhorns, said. “I think it’s important that we get that support from local people. That can spotlight local businesses, not only agriculture but small businesses.”

During last year’s kick-off, a lot of questions and concerns were raised about what was going to happen to local farms and businesses, Knapp said. Some dairy farms had to dump gallons of milk, while grocery stores had to put limits on how much customers could buy.

Ryan McMahon, Onondaga County executive, said one of the important lessons learned at the beginning of the pandemic was how important food security is. The biggest concern the council had was food supply chains and how they can continue to make sure the people in the community are fed.

“We are very lucky in this county to have a strong economy, the tenth-largest in the state, over $350 million of economic spending each year from those large employers,” McMahon said. “And it all comes down to the family farms.”

This is the seventh annual event that the Onondaga County Agriculture Council has held. The campaign started out as a way to promote local farms in Onondaga County by hosting events around the area for the community to participate.

The events that were announced this year were the Empire Farm Days and the 2021 ON Farm Fest.

The council announced that Empire Farm Days will be returning to the county after its 30-year absence. Empire Farm Days is an agricultural trade show, which will be held Aug. 2-4. Knapp said he expects to see an economic boost in the county through hotels and local businesses.

The Onondaga County Agriculture Council also unveiled the nine farms that are participating in the 2021 ON Farm Fest on Sep. 18. The farms that will be participating are:

This will be a free event that will focus on educating the community on where their food comes from while promoting local farms and businesses. ON Farm Fest returns for its fifth year after being canceled last year due to the pandemic.

Albanese Longhorns is the new addition to the farms participating in the event. The farm, which is located right off of Route 20 near Pompey, had its first open house on June 26. Jason Hartline, Albanese’s son-in-law, said the farm saw over 250 guests.

“Which is great, because it just shows community support,” Hartline said. “They like what we are doing and people like Longhorns.”

You would normally find a Texas Longhorn — in Texas.

“Longhorns aren’t something you see every day in Central New York,” Knapp said.


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Local farmers say they gained something from the pandemic

Farmers were needed during the pandemic when residents were out of work, and couldn’t afford food. Now some local farmers say it helped put them on the map.

Longhorn Beef: The Healthiest Choice

Texas Longhorn beef is the ideal beef choice for the health-conscious consumer.

"Hooked on Horns"

Country Folks magazine recently featured Mike Albanese in their publication, telling the story of his journey in Texas Longhorns more than 30 years ago.

Albanese Longhorns Host Kickoff Event for Onondaga Grown Campaign

A kickoff event was held at the Albanese Longhorns in Pompey, where members of the Onondaga County Ag Council spoke about the many benefits of buying local.

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