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We breed for 2-3 generations out— thinking what bull we are going to breed the daughters to. We plan this out, and quite honestly, I don’t deviate too much from it. You have to have a breeding plan if you want to be successful.
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Texas Longhorn Herd Sires

Sunhaven 50/50 Hookster

Sunhaven 50/50 Hookster

Texas Silverado Star

Texas Silverado Star


Whether you want to build a quality herd to compete in futurities, strive to add something to your herd that’s going to bring it up overall, or just want to own an iconic piece of the Old West for your ranch, you can find the right Texas Longhorn to meet your needs at Albanese Longhorns.

One of the things that set our operation apart is the unique approach we take, not only to breeding and gene pool diversity but to the care of the herd as well.

At Albanese Longhorns, the historical legacy of the Texas Longhorn is joined by a commitment to 21st-century breeding technology, all designed to improve genetics and produce the best possible animals for our customers.

Texas Longhorn bulls are one of the most important factors in building your herd as the bull accounts for one-half of the genetics of every calf born. At Albanese Longhorns, we have a wide range of types and ages—from young bull calves to mature herd sires.

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Tuff Hillary SRC


We will fit your needs whether you are a new breeder trying to establish your program or experienced and looking to add new bloodlines to improve or compliment your herd.


When you buy a heifer from Albanese Longhorns, you can do so with confidence in the future cow you will own.  Our heifers showcase the future of our breeding program.

Trophy Steers

Every year we pick a few of our top bull calves that don’t quite make the grade for herd sires and hold them back for fancy pasture ornaments. They are chosen for their color, temperament, and potential horn growth.


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